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Mastectomy Bra Fittings


Research tells us that 80% of women are fitted in the incorrect bra size.This fact has been published in magazines since I first  commenced business in 1970.

In 1900 the measurement guide was introduced and is still in use today, over 100 years. Bras have been updated since then, yet the guide remains the same. I introduced my own fitting method and now have thousands of customers visiting from all over the world.

Post mastectomy bras are still being fitted by the old method, hence the bra is not keeping the prosthesis as secure as is necessary and there is still, in this case, a need for pockets.

We have many ladies who have had breast surgery and have tried and tested our method, strictly no tape measures and definitely no pockets.

Our fitters are trained professionally to help you select your new bra. It should feel comfortable and secure, giving you confidence as you move around ensuring that your prosthesis remains intact, held firmly in the cup the same as your natural breast.

We also supply prostheses. You may choose from a selection in the catalogue.

Make an appointment at one of our branches and see the results for yourself.

We source only the best products from Trulife. Please contact us to arrange a discreet fitting.

I would like to thank you so much for my recent bra fitting. I had a mastectomy in September 05 and have been unhappy about myself ever since. I now have regained a lot of confidence and can't thank you enough.

S. Wilson 2006

Hi Sadie. Just had to tell you big thanks. I have had my prosthesis for 14 months now and it has not felt comfortable since I had it. But I wore it on Valentine's night and it was brilliant. I was comfortable, the bra did not ride up, cut into me, pure bliss, and to keep my (jelly Nellie) in place all night without slipping, well I can never thank you enough. More power to you and your ladies. Once again, many thanks from a very satisfied Lucy

Lucy M. 2004

I thought Lynn at Darlington was very patient and understanding. I had my left breast removed and am very shy but she was great.


Just wanted to say thanks to you and the girls in Sunderland for the help I got searching for the right bra for me and my prosthesis.

R.S. 2007

I visited your shop at Darlington recently with my Mum and we were met with two lovely friendly ladies. Mum had a mastectomy a few years ago and the last place she went she was made to feel like a freak. But not at Sadie the Bra Lady's shop. She was treated with the utmost respect and courtesy. We both were. For once I actually have a bra that fits. You really know how to put the bust back where it belongs.

S.Geldart. 2008

Friendly voice on the phone! Couldn't wait to come to the shop (Ashington branch) where I received a quick and efficient fitting. Bought 3 bras.

Mrs Linda Chamley 24.01.09

Have just come out of hospital after reconstruction surgery. Sadie was recommended by lady in next bed. Thanks so much - comfort and support in minutes. Warm friendly staff.

L. Atkinson

Thank you for the excellent service I have received since I started visiting your shop. Over the years I have visited many high street shops and specialist fitters, I won't mention any names. Since wearing your products I feel more confident to wear the types of dresses that earlier I was scared even to contemplate wearing.Thank you for giving that part of my life back that for too long has been missing.

S. Carroll (Sept 2010)

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