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About Sadie

Did you know that you should have a regular bra fitting? Your body shape changes regularly and though your bra feels comfortable it may not be supporting you properly.

Telephone for a fitting today at your local branch or book a  consultation in the privacy of your own home by ringing Head office 01207 506541.

Sadie's method has been passed to our personally trained staff and Franchisees


This means you'll be fitted perfectly every time, and with 80% of women having been fitted in the wrong size, we are committed to our role.

"It's a mini crusade for us all. Our unique fitting method coupled with knowledge of our vast range of quality bras ensures that every customer leaves wearing the correct garment for them"

A correctly fitted bra can achieve:

  • A better posture: Your appearance can change instantly
  • A better shape and silhouette: a slimmer and more shapely profile
  • Less 'strain' which causes aches and pains: prevent or eradicate discomfort

"Today's fitting techniques must reflect today's women and today's bras.

Most techniques are still based upon 150 year old guidelines. Bras have changed, women's expectations have changed, women themselves have changed.

We at Sadie's have simply had the foresight to change with them"

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